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7% 500K
20% 5M
Soft Cap
40% 15M
60% 33M

Viral Octopus specializes in digital solutions and modular marketing services for
small and medium-sized enterprises

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Problems Business Owners Face

01 Small and medium-sized enterprises struggle to manage a Digital Marketing plan
02 Effective Digital Marketing strategies require specific knowledge and skills
03 Finding, managing, and training new employees takes time and money
04 Working with agencies and freelancers can lead to uncertainty

How We Can Help

  • Provide a successful implementation of digital marketing solutions
  • Select top creatives in the industry through an Automated Human Resource Management System
  • Utilize a matching algorithm to create teams based on their certified skills, performance, and passion
  • Manage the team, do the work, get the job done, and help scale the business

Use cases

How Viral Octopus saved Silvia $2,250 USD and two months of work

Marketing Manager

How Viral Octopus saved Oscar $1,432 USD and one month

Entrepreneur and environmentalist

How Viral Octopus saved Soo $2,715 USD and one month of work

Dental practice owner

How Viral Octopus saved Brett $11,811 USD and one month of work

Sushi restaurant owner

A swimwear company outsourcing digital marketing services to a traditional Agency

  • Silvia is the Marketing Manager of a swimwear company based in California
  • To launch their new collection, the company plans to utilize storytelling in a series of emails to send to their consumers
  • Silvia researches digital marketing agencies near her to implement her campaign strategy. After 15 days, she settles on a proposal that includes: 12 automated emails, sent once a week, reports tracking ROI, and 2 months worth of automation. This will cost her $3,600 USD
  • The digital marketing agency launches the campaign in 15 days
  • Silvia, takes 15 days to choose the right proposal.

Silvia spent $3,600 USD and two months of work to launch the campaign

A swimwear company outsourcing digital marketing services to a Viral Octopus

  • Silvia is the Marketing Manager of a swimwear company based in California
  • To launch their new collection, the company plans to utilize storytelling in a series of emails to send to their consumers
  • Silvia visits the VO website, selects her preferred Gig of 1 email per week at $450 USD/month, fills out her payment details and brief, and downloads the VO app
  • Within 48 hours, VO’s algorithm will assemble a team to work with Silvia on her project. They connect through a call and hash out the details of the campaign
  • Within 4 days, the campaign launches and the first email is sent
  • The cost of 3 months worth of content is $1,350 USD
  • The VO team launched the campaign in 6 days

Silvia saved $2,250 USD and two months of work

An e-commerce company outsourcing digital marketing services to a traditional agency

  • Oscar is an entrepreneur and environmentalist based in Copenhagen
  • He is ready to promote his new collection of insulated reusable bottles with the creation of a landing page, SEO, and monthly analytics
  • After a month of deep research, he settles on a creative advertising agency with the proposal: 1 landing page design with monthly analytics. This will cost him $2,100 USD/month
  • The agency launched the landing page in two weeks
  • In 1 month, he will spend $2,100 USD

Oscar spent $2,100 USD and one month of work to launch his website

An e-commerce company outsourcing digital marketing services to a Viral Octopus

  • Oscar is an entrepreneur and environmentalist based in Copenhagen
  • He is ready to promote his new collection of insulated reusable bottles with the creation of a landing page, SEO, and monthly analytics
  • Oscar visits the VO website, selects his preferred Gig of a landing page design and optimization for $668 USD/month, fills out his payment details and brief, and downloads the VO app
  • Within 48 hours, VO’s algorithm will assemble a team to work with Oscar on his project. They connect through a call and hash out the details of the campaign
  • VO launched the landing page in two weeks and began tracking analytics
  • In 1 month, he will spend $668

Oscar saved $1,432 USD and one month of work to launch his website

A dental practice outsourcing digital marketing services to a traditional agency

  • Soo owns a dental practice in New York City. She wants to promote brand awareness on Facebook and rank better on Google searches
  • Soo spends 7 days researching agencies who specialize in customer engagement
  • Soo contacts her first choice to inquire about their rates. 7 days later, she agrees to a proposal of 4 blog posts per month, posted once a week and website optimization at $1,800 USD/month
  • The first blog post is launched in 14 days
  • Soo’s website begins to rank higher in Google searches within 3 months
  • In 3 months, she will spend $5,400 USD

Soo spent $5,400 USD and one month of work to launch her campaign

A dental practice outsourcing digital marketing services to a Viral Octopus

  • Soo owns a dental practice in New York City. She wants to promote brand awareness on Facebook and rank better on Google searches
  • Soo spends 7 days researching agencies who specialize in customer engagement
  • Soo visits the VO website, selects her preferred Gig of 1 blog posts a week, posted on Facebook and website optimization at $886 USD/month, fills out her payment details and brief, and downloads the VO app
  • Within 48 hours, the VO team contacts Soo. They connect through a call and hash out the details of her social media campaign
  • The first blog post is launched in 7 days
  • Soo’s website begins to rank higher in Google searches within 3 months
  • In 3 months, she will spend $2,685 USD

Soo saved $2,715 USD and one month of work

A local sushi franchise building an In-House Team

  • Brett wants to promote his sushi restaurant franchise in his hometown, Sydney
  • Brett spends 1 month hiring a team. He hired a Marketing Manager, who is an expert in Facebook and Google Ads, and 2 part-time freelancers, a Copywriter, and a Graphic Designer
  • Brett spends $6,000 USD/month to pay his team and promote his business on Instagram
  • Brett started the process from the ground up
  • After 3 months, he has spent well over $18,000 USD

Brett spent $18,000 USD and three months of work to start his business

A local sushi franchise building an in-house team with Viral Octopus

  • Brett wants to promote his sushi restaurant franchise in his hometown, Sydney
  • Brett visits the VO website, selects his preferred Gig of 2 Facebook Ads at $476 USD/ month, 2 Google Ads at $750 USD/ month, and Instagram management at $837 USD/month. He fills out his payment details and brief and downloads the VO app
  • Within 48 hours, VO’s algorithm will assemble a team for Brett
  • Brett starts the process with the VO team from the ground up
  • After 3 months, he has spent $6,189 USD

Brett saved $11,811 USD and one month of work to start his business

Target size

Digital Advertising Spending (in billions)


Market size

USD Billion
Estimated Global Gig Economy
of the global workforce
will go freelance by 2027


White Paper v2.3

Conducted an in-depth description of processes, roles, and economies of scale for the first decentralized marketing agency

January 2018

Viral Octopus “flat” v0.1

Uploaded our first 20 products online, integrated the recurring payment system, and set up the magazine and podcast section on the website.

1st Quarter 2018

Viral Octopus “malibu” v1.0

Successfully integrated the automatic onboarding system with the first four roles defined. Specialists can test run the application, sign an NDA contract, and fully access their dashboard.

2nd Quarter 2018


The first team of specialists and clients accessed the platform with the first gig executed with success.

3rd Quarter 2018

Viral Octopus “Sunrise” v.1.5

Released the first communication system on the desktop, iOS, and Android for optimal collaboration between clients, specialists, and the VO team.

1st Quarter 2019

Viral Octopus “Ulu” v.2.5

Launched Experts platform where experts can assist clients with strategic consulting. Implemented tracker and revenue share system where experts and ambassadors can share a lifetime of revenue for their contribution when a gig is sold.

2nd quarter 2019

Viral Octopus “Padang” v3.0

Launched Virtual Spoke to integrate the key functionalities of a business in a single management tool. Includes communications, project management, operations, financials, and analytics. Implemented an algorithm to pair specialists with clients based on their certified skills, performance, passion, and workload. VO continues to expand on the core team.

3rd quarter 2019

Start Marketing Activities

VO began to promote our platform to onboard experts, ambassadors, and clients. The Fundraising Roadshow hits the road and VO team attended several global events. VO partnered with major media outlets to provide marketing services to their customers.

4th quarter 2019

Private Sale

VO begins the first steps to run token private sale.

1st quarter 2020


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Introducing H.alg: disrupting the outsourcing market

Comparing Delegation Solutions possible: Marketplace Vs. Agency Vs.Viral Octopus There are dozens of more or less effective delegation solutions. Contractors and their clients to collaborate remotely. Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and design99 allow independent freelancers to offer their services at a base price. Then, there is a myriad of marketplaces, that, to a certain extent are either successful or vertical such as Behance for Visual Designers andCodementor for Programmers. If we consider that an estimated  50% of the workforce will be freelance by 2027, we can imagine that many more initiatives will appear in the market. These marketplaces, while offering partially different business models, all have four elements in common: Tasks and services are approved upon reviews The job board is open to anyone The client is responsible for the management and selection of each service offered Services are by a single independent freelancer Agencies. Many are structured as is: they hire and train their staff, then delegate a surplus of work to freelancers working under them. An agency’s main objective is to optimize profit by leveraging cost reduction. Viral Octopus is different because we’ve created a completely new model. Rather than outsourcing platforms, Viral Octopus is a platform made for freelancers that meet a criteria takes charge of management and creation is a collaborative space where freelancers work in teams Rather than operating like agencies, Viral Octopus does not hire personnel does not have to optimize profits host best professionals in the world without a physical office space Pros and cons of delegation solutions. Viral Octopus, Marketplace scalability, agency care. Marketplace Pros The speed, wide variety, affordable costs, and the guarantee of withholding funds and reimbursements, are without a doubt the great drivers of success for these marketplaces. Users enter the platform, type out a role in the search box, then click “submit”. A list will appear and those with stars on their profile indicates the quality and reliability of their work. Freelancers with good reviews receive a constant flow of leads at no cost. Cons Those who have tried the service can understand that at times it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right freelancer for the job. Clients have to put their trust in a single person who may unexpectedly decide that they no longer want to work on the project. And the search for a new freelancer begins again. Luckily, the review system offers a great way to help clients keep freelancers responsible for the project they agreed to collaborate on. The more good reviews a freelancer has, the more projects they are able to get. In addition, the assessment is sometimes diverted from the information asymmetry. Customers don’t always have the skills to evaluate a result. Agencies Pros Agencies are more structured. They guarantee greater customer care, training a team of salesman and customer care specialists to keep their clients happy. Agencies dedicate teams to a specific project and if someone on the team is no longer available to help, they are often replaced rather quickly. Clients never have to worry about how the project is executed. They just need to evaluate the final output. Freelancers/employees don’t have to worry about managing any loss or their reputation. Cons Agencies are confined to a specific space. They have offices where employees come into work, meaning, their employees must already live in the surrounding area or be relocated. It is not always possible to find employees who have all the necessary skills within a useful radius. Thus, sometimes they have to be satisfied with the risk of lowering expectations to meet demands. When there is a lack of expertise within the company or if there is an overload of work, agencies rely on external freelancers. Doing so puts them at risk of losing freelancers on any given day without the bandwidth to find another freelancer in advanced. Inevitably, the risk, also in this case, is to lower the quality and accuracy of the final result. Additionally, agencies have many costs including commercial, office, accounting, project manager, just to name a few. These costs are then reflected in the client’s project rate. Viral Octopus Pros Companies find everything they need in the marketplaces that aggregate freelancers, with the same money-back guarantees. The project is placed in the hands of a team and not the individual freelancer, getting the typical agencies’ level of customer care at a fraction of the cost. The evaluation of the freelancer’s work is in the hands of a company and not just of the client. Cons This new model may cost more than hiring a freelancer. Those who are not used to working remotely, doing video call conferences, or accepting the absence of offices can find the transition difficult. Robots make Viral Octopus different from marketplaces and agencies. The objective of companies is not to hire people or agencies. Companies want to delegate part of their business processes to someone they trust to achieve the best possible result, within the budget and time frame defined. Viral Octopus meets this need. Companies look for the task, buy it and a structured team performs the task. Simple, fast, transparent price. Companies search for the service they need and purchase it. Then Viral Octopus will put together a structured team to perform the project or service. It’s simple, fast, and offers a transparent pricing model. What makes Viral Octopus different from a traditional agency? The answer is: robots and scalability. H.alg selects the best possible team in the world. H.alg is a complex algorithm, as well as the heart of Viral Octopus. With H.alg, Viral Octopus is able to select the best team possible for the project by choosing the best professionals according to many parameters such as: skills performance suitability track record passions willingness language time zone Let’s get a little more into the operation without revealing trade secrets. Professionals must pass a test to be part of the system. We’ve provided for a test for every role that’s needed. The test consists of 30 randomly selected questions from a  large pool written by the community and validated by the Viral Octopus team. It includes psycho attitudinal, logical, and technical tests. At the end of the test, the professional complete a survey where they list their experience passions availability language time zone The score obtained in the test will place each professional in a ranking that categories them by experience, passion, role, and performance. How does the ranking work? Powered by passion. The project is in the hands of those who really care. The ranking is updated over time according to several parameters, the most important are: peer-to-peer evaluation to assess aptitude and performance the client’s evaluation of the project the test itself responsiveness reliability Each of these macro-categories of evaluation is composed of several factors with different weights. At the end of each month, the Viral Octopus team receives an anonymous evaluation sheet of the other components that considers communication, teamwork, and performance. The client receives an evaluation sheet of the work done that month that considers: punctuality, communication, and keeping the promise. The average of each evaluation compared with penalties composes the ranking. The ranking, in turn, is divided by experience and passion. When the client selects the task to be performed, they fill in the brief, and H.Alg will search the database for team members to match according to their language, role, passion, and skills. The top three team members that match the ranking will be sent a request to work on the project. If the first match is not available, the request will be sent to second, then third, and so on until the team is composed. This makes for the best project team in the world. This is Human Creativity powered by Robots. The post Introducing H.alg: disrupting the outsourcing market appeared first on Viraloctopus - The house of digital excellence..

Viral Octopus Beta v2.5 “Ulu” is coming

Uluwatu (Ulu) is one of Indonesia’s dream waves. Long, big, powerful, barreling. You enter and exit a narrow cave with a crazy current that threatens to drag you into the rocks. It is risky and exhausting to attempt, but not surfing that wave means missing an opportunity to enter a sacred place. However, that place is not for everyone. For this reason we have dedicated this release to that place. The most complex and risky release we have faced to date. A thing that is not for everyone. Complex due to technical content and risky because the intrinsic difficulty has drained many of our intellectual and economic resources, with the risk of losing focus and availability. We believed in it and now it’s here. Here is what we developed. Gigs Navigator v0.2: your guide in the web Jungle Viral Octopus wants to become that sacred place where entrepreneurs find answers. From the birth of their first idea, going through the execution and the approach to the market, entrepreneurs have been overwhelmed with tasks. They must delegate. Finding teams, suppliers and negotiating the price only slows everything down and causes stress. Viral Octopus wants to become the only point of contact and the only supplier needed to realize the dreams of any entrepreneur at any level. The goal is to provide up to 1,500 different tasks / gigs within 3 years. Through Viral Octopus, entrepreneurs or aspirants will be able to open a company, a bank account, register a domain, find an assistant, develop leads, promote the brand, analyze performance, optimize the company and whatever else may come to mind. Imagine the complexity of choosing the right gig in this Kasbah of opportunities … But we want to simplify, not complicate. Starting from the assumption that only those who will be able to define goals, objectives and budget will complete the enterprise, we have developed the “Gigs Navigator”. Just select the goals and budget and Viral Octopus will show exactly the most suitable gigs. If a potential client is still uncertain, our super experts are available to consult. Did I say Expert? Who am I? Expert Hub v0.1 The Experts are curious by nature, the people who always want to know more. They are creative. They live by lateral thinking. They know how to listen, and are always able to find a simple and effective solution to the most complex problems. They are the thought leaders. They love to share their knowledge. They have the overall vision and know how to connect the dots. It is people who can, with a few sentences, influence the choices of an entrepreneur for the better and sometimes change the world. The Experts will write useful content in the area reserved for them. They can be hired to help with strategies, to solve a problem, clear up a doubt, or be recruited for Dream Services Premium Services for large companies. Hire an Expert  The Experts join the Specialist and Strategist Collective to complete the offer. Above all, they will be the protagonists of a revolution in the world of blogging, creating new sources of knowledge for the public and revenue streams for themselves. CrowdBlog v0.1 and VO revenue streams What are VO revenue streams? Every time someone comes into contact with a useful content article, there is a “before” story and an “after” story. . A user could come into contact with some content because someone shared it, or because they saw an advertising campaign. After reading an article, (s)he could get interested in the subject and read another article by a colleague. At that moment (s)he could receive enlightenment and want to act by buying a Gig led by a fellow Specialist. All have contributed to the satisfaction, to the knowledge of the client and to the economic growth of the Collective. In the full spirit of the Community we share the burdens, honors and profits. The last three people involved in landing a client will receive a lifetime compensation from the revenue stream for that customer. They activate a passive income. Now, imagining an article that becomes viral, how many success stories, how many revenue streams will open? Imagine the potential endless earning opportunities!   Become an Expert Ambassador Hub v0.1. Only if it is love. There are many ways to contribute to the Collective. Produce content and provide advice in the Expert function, run campaigns as Specialists or Strategists, or spread the Love we have for this job as an Ambassador. The Ambassador is an extremely versatile role. As described above, you will be able to share the content developed by the Experts, share the Gigs with those who need them, create pre-filled shopping carts, and be paid for your contribution. This description does not fully express the potential, so I will describe some scenarios. You are an influencers. Find an article that fits your audience and share it. You are a popularizer. Link your contribution to that of a Viral Octopus Expert. You are a professional and want to create a bundle of products for your customers using the gigs in VO. Create a landing page and add a link to a pre-set VO cart. Read a request for help in a Facebook group and link to content that can help. Your imagination is the only limit. There is a revelation I want to make, even if it is premature. We will send our leads directly to the best Ambassadors who will be able to personally spread the Creed, Passion and Skills … and make money. In short, imagine in how many ways you can open revenue streams and how many ways the Ambassadors can earn by contributing to the growth of the Collective. In conclusion, we are almost ready. Become an Ambassador Viral Octopus begins to grow into the reality we had imagined. As I write, the Collective grows. Freezing the status to date, we have: 478 Users 7 Experts 10 Copywriters 13 Facebook Specialists 5 CRO Experts 18 Strategists 15 Google Ads Specialists 3 Instagram Specialists 3 Web developers 7 Graphic Designers We are still far from the final goal of 100+ Giggers, 50+ Experts, but we are more than halfway to our first goal. Soon it will be time to put the car in motion. Experts will do what they like most, creating content, strategies and ideas. Ambassadors will feel gratified to do what makes them happy, to be among people and to communicate. The Giggers, the creators, will be in the place that puts a smile on their faces, in the workshop getting their hands dirty. All gaining fairly for the contribution they make in a trustless system. The algorithms will track, evaluate, and pay. An almost perfect ecosystem, which we will make perfect together, over time. One last bit of news. Viral Octopus will finally present our product in an official capacity to the world at the most important startup event on the planet, RISE Conference in Hong Kong, from 8 to 11 July 2019. In addition to looking for funds, mentors, partners and media exposure to aim high, we will cover the event with Live Interviews, AMA and live posting of the event. So, somehow, you will all be with us. Ad Maiora! The post Viral Octopus Beta v2.5 “Ulu” is coming appeared first on Viraloctopus - The house of digital excellence..

Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2

The first thing to do was to select the best experts, regardless of their geographical location. Since time immemorial, rites of passage have always been marked by tests. The ritual and the test To join the Viral Octopus Community of professionals, you do not have to send a pumped-up resume, an easily falsifiable portfolio, or dubious references. Instead, you must pass a test that demonstrates that you really have experience and that you have already faced and solved the most common day by day problems. We have hired top professionals and psychologists to create a system of testing that is not only related to technique but also measures teamwork and the propensity for excellence. After you pass the entrance test, you can enter the Viral Octopus Community. The candidate will have to sign the contract that includes the acceptance of the Viral Octopus Geek Manifesto, the document that lays the foundation of the promise of our commitment to the pursuit of excellence, not only in work but in life. For a better world. Feature 2: excellence through shared knowledge The professional is on board and is part of the community. From that moment it will be up to his or her will and interest to live up to his or her promise to excel. Working with teams and talents from all over the world and every culture, how can we align? How can we become a team immediately? My past as an American Football player came in handy: we need a Playbook! We need a set of procedures and checklists to follow to perform the tasks assigned to the team in a coordinated and precise way. Hence the Guidelines Section is born.     For each service listed in the platform, there are guidelines on how to operate, tricks, strategies and precise instructions on how the various components of the team must interface. But that is not all. Professionals can suggest changes and improvements that the Community can vote for or against adding to the guidelines. Feature 3: everything under control Houston, we DO NOT have a problem! It’s all under control. How many times, turning to obscure agencies or finding ourselves in contact with anxious customers, did we see things turn ugly? Enough to make you want intravenous anti-anxiety drugs 24 hours a day? A budget gets out of hand, there is never a clear answer, illegible reports, dubious times, unclear billing, difficult terminations. We have had problems. Now they are gone. Here is the Viral Octopus Virtual Spoke V0.1. Imagine Viral Octopus as the wheel of a motorcycle. There is a hub that is at the center of everything, in our case the guidelines and services. Then there are spokes that transmit the movement of the hub to the wheel, the spokes are the teams that perform the services and carry the movement (knowledge) of the hub. The Viral Octopus Virtual Spoke V0.1 is an integrated chat system for communicating with the Project Manager and obtaining the activity report in real time, and a Kanban Board which will be the framework that the team will use to communicate and execute the work. Thus the promise is kept, the work is done quickly at the right price and without too much agonizing.   What does it mean to you? Are you an entrepreneur? Timely deliveries. Timely notifications on your deliveries. Yes, because you too are part of the team. Clarifications and reports in real time. Work done right away and well. Are you a professional? Clear and coordinated tasks. Simple and fast communication. Less hours to perform the same task. Power is nothing without control Copying the very successful Pirelli’s famous slogan shamelessly, I can summarize the biggest release of Viral Octopus to date: VO Beta 2.0. Managing a business is a heavy, complex and expensive activity in terms of energy. As an entrepreneur, I had a dream … Delegate some of my work-load to someone and get quality results quickly, in a timely manner, knowing a priori how much budget to allocate, and knowing that it would not cost me a fortune. My dream became reality, thanks to an idea that was born some years ago. An agency based on a community of great experts and specialists, able to provide all the high quality services necessary for the success of a business, thanks to the extreme specialization of the experts involved and keeping prices affordable.   An idea as powerful as ambitious. But how can we control quality and punctuality and make sure that we keep promises? After years of study and attempts, we have found the solution by developing an integrated system of selection, project management, communication and control, which allows teams of specialists to work together effectively. It allows entrepreneurs to participate in the process and check the progress of real-time work through what we call the Viral Octopus Virtual Spoke 1.0. My kingdom for a horse! So said Richard III in the Shakespearean drama while, during the battle, he was thrown from his horse and surrounded by enemies. Sometimes I feel like this: surrounded by enemies, usurpers, incapacitates and leeches, all ready to tear me up shred the company. Has it ever happened to you? Almost all the entrepreneurs and professionals I know say this has happened during the launch of a new product, the development of a site, the opening of a new company, talking to the lawyer … At a certain point, you would only want to a horse to escape from all this.   Starting from an advantaged viewpoint, having been the victim of such harassment both as an entrepreneur and as a consultant, I tried to study a method that would allow a company to deliver an excellent service to as many entrepreneurs as possible, at a sustainable cost. I also wanted the method to give professionals the opportunity to work peacefully and with good remuneration. No more optimization of costs and maximization of profits. #MediocritySucks! So, I looked for ways to create a profitable offer, without having to have an expensive office and without reducing the ability to choose resources outside my neighborhood, avoiding having to hire hundreds of uncontrollable employees, hired by other uncontrollable employees, and without having to sweat seven different hats while working with unreliable freelancers. Thank you for your trust. At Viral Octopus we are working like crazy to bring home the result. We are proceeding according to our roadmap in a precise and timely manner. The next release will be after the holidays. Stay Tuned! Pietro, Visionary @ Viraloctopus The post Introducing Viral Octopus Beta 2 appeared first on Viraloctopus - The house of digital excellence..